From the owner:

Our commitment is to our customers and the planet earth; ensuring we not only help preserve our planet by reducing waste and pollution, but also working to increase economical growth through recycling and reusing items instead of discarding them and being forced to purchase over-priced, new products. Our reconditioned items can be purchased at a significantly cheaper price than new and in most uses are just as reliable and suitable for the job. When consumers and business owners save big on expenses; we are able to retain more of our disposable income for our own enjoyment. 

Go Green, Save Green.

John Muccio


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About our company:

Southern Container Corp (SCC) opened in April 2012; a growing demand for reconditioned and reusable containers for consumers and businesses was on the rise. Quality, reconditioned containers have become the ideal choice for those looking for an eco-friendly, lower-priced alternative to costly, new containers. Whatever your storage needs are, SCC has the containers for you.