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There are always going to be people selling similar containers to ours and claiming they are food grade safe; they are Not. Food Grade containers are heavily regulated by the FDA and these illegitimate, backyard sellers do not live up to their standards. Do not be fooled by them or their false claims just to make a little side money. No amount of cleaning will make a used containers food grade again. Previously food grade, reconditioned is what we sell. 

Our Location  ~ Clearwater, FL


We have a warehouse in Clearwater that we are at periodically during the week, please contact us ahead of time to schedule a pick up at that location to ensure we are there. We are primarily on the road most days on deliveries in the Sarasota, Manatee, St. Petersburg & Tampa area. Contact us in advance and we can deliver the items or meet with you in town. We have several items stored in Parrish at our private residence, however per county ordinance retail sales are not allowed here in addition to respecting our neighbors. 

Clearwater Warehouse - 1555 Sunshine Drive

*(Contact us first, we are not there everyday and the warehouse owner will not sell to our customers.)

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​We are available by appointment only ~ 7 days a week