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There are several other individuals in the area advertising the sale of drums and IBC totes; many claim their containers previously contained food contents, when in fact they originally contained soaps, cleaners, or other potentially toxic chemicals not safe for food, potable water storage, vegetable growing or rain barrels for garden watering. Before you risk the health of your family, ensure the people you are dealing with are honest, dependable and have a legitimate company. Even if you choose not to purchase from us, protect yourselves from those who simply do not care about your well-being. This is a scandalous world we are living in; choose your alliances carefully. 

Food Grade means Brand New

Our Location 


At the moment, we do not have a traditional storefront location; however we do have a new warehouse location in Clearwater. We are generally there in the morning a few days a week, contact us to set up an appointment. We also operate a mobile delivery unit; our truck & trailer is on the road during the week in the Sarasota, Manatee, St. Petersburg & Tampa areas; either on deliveries or picking up inventory.

Contact us to schedule a delivery or find out when we will be nearby your location and you may come pickup at no charge. We also have a PRIVATE storage location in Parrish (34219), where we keep some of our inventory, we are usually here in the afternoon on weekdays and most weekends; you may schedule a pick up when we are available. Contact us first; Do Not Enter Storage Facility.

Contact us by phone or email

(941)-350-6047(Texts not accepted)
(941)-504-6530(Alternate Line)


(We can't always get to our phone in time, please leave  message if there is no answer - or send us an email.)
​We are available by appointment only ~ 7 days a week

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