15 gal. drum (closed-top, rectangle)

Heavy duty, HD-PE plastic food content container, a great choice for portable water storage for campground/hunting sites or hurricane preparedness. Available in blue only. All come with two openings on top, (1) 1.5 inch fine thread, (1) 1/2 inch fine thread. This container comes with a molded handle on top and two folding handles on the side. 


Height - 26"

Length - 11"

​Width - 14"                   

15 gallon drum (closed-top, round)

Heavy duty, thick HD-PE plastic food content drum, a great choice for portable water storage, fuel storage, chemical storage for pressure washing/pool cleaners, or Prepper/Hurricane preparedness water storage. Available in blue or white; all come with two openings on top, (1) 2 inch fine thread, (1) 3/4 inch fine thread. Folding handle can easily support the 120 lbs of weight when full.


Height - 26"

Diameter - 14"                

30 gallon drum (closed -top)

Our 30 gallon drums are an exact mini version of the 55 gallon drums; all come standard with (2) bung caps one fine, one coarse thread. Used for fruit concentrate (blue only). 


Height - 29"

Diameter - 19"                 

*White/Natural 30 gallon drums

(used once to transport potassium chloride)


$15.00 each

(10) or more - $12.00 each

​(100) or more - $9.00 each

55 gallon steel drum (open-top)

Our steel drums were originally used once to transport fruit concentrate using plastic liner. All are painted inside and out. Most commonly used for BBQ smokers, burn barrels, livestock feed storage, deer feeders. Available in medium and thick gauge.

Medium Gauge - {25 lbs}

$25.00 each

(10) or more ~ $20 each

Thick gauge - {30 lbs} 

$30.00 each


Height - 36"

Diameter - 24"

55 gallon drum (open-top)

This drum come with a removable lid, gasket, and locking metal snap ring. Used only once to transport organic face cream for large distribution center. This drum makes for a much easier and more effective rain barrel setup, also perfect for small overseas shipping container, dry food or animal feed storage. Available in blue only, (lids are blue, translucent, or black)


Height - 36"

Diameter - 24"

55 gallon drum (closed -top)

This drum is most commonly used for rain barrels, Super heavy duty, thick HD-PE plastic is extremely durable and strong enough to withstand the elements. These drums were only used once to transport fruit concentrate. They come with (2) openings on top with (2) bung caps; one find thread, and one coarse thread with 3/4 inch center punch out. They are available in blue or white; colored barrels help block out Ultraviolet Rays from the sun, which prevents the growth of algae. 


Height - 36"

Diameter - 24"

Drums & Barrels

Our drums come in several sizes and styles; from 12 gallon to 55 gallon, all of which are made from HD-PE plastic. They are extremely durable and tough enough to handle any job.

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55 gallon steel drum (closed-top)

These drums were used once to transport olive oil. Most commonly used for BBQ smokers. They have (1) 1.5" opening and (1) 3/4" vent opening - both are standard style threads. 

Thick gauge - {35 lbs}

$20.00 each - (5 or more $15.00 each)


Height - 36"

Diameter - 24"

60 gallon drum - Tapered (open-top)

This drum comes with a removable lid and locking ring. Used only once to transport orange juice concentrate for juice bottling. A popular choice for small, low-priced overseas shipping container, and cheaper alternate to our 55 gal. plastic open top. Available in black only, (lids are translucent, with plastic locking ring).

*This drum is thinner than our 55 gallon open-top drum pictured above and is tapered to fit inside each other for easy transport.


Height - 38"

Diameter - 24" (top opening)

12 gallon drum (open -top)

Super heavy duty, thick HD-PE plastic open-top drum with air-tight sealing lid and locking ring.  This drum is a popular choice for Preppers (Hurricane or Doomsday) - Great for storing dry food such as rice, flour, animal feed, pet food, etc. Available in blue only.


Height - 25"

Diameter - 15" (opening)

$20.00 each

(10) or more - $16.00 each

(100) or more - $14.00 each