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IBC Totes


Intermediate Bulk Container - An ideal choice for storing and transporting liquids. All units have an HD-PE (2) jug surrounded by a galvanized steel frame with plastic or steel pallet attached on bottom with ball valve for draining. Our totes were used only once to transport fruit flavoring concentrates and other beverage additives. All of our items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized inside and out. We do not take in totes that previously held any sort of cleaners or chemicals. 

Cleaning and Sanitation:

All totes are completely rinsed inside and out; then treated with an 25:75% bleach/water mixture, and finally double rinsed and pressure washed to ensure the cleanest final product you can buy locally next to pouching brand new.

*This process do NOT make the item food grade. Our cleaning only helps reduce the growth of mold. Consumers must clean to their desired level for their intended usage. 

​​275 Gallon IBC tote 

$160.00 each

(2+) ~ $150.00 each

(10+) ~ $135.00 each​
(100+) ~ $125.00 each


Standard size IBC tote; the most popular container used to store and transport most types of liquid. (Large and steady supply available.)

Ideal Choice for:

  • Aquaponics / Hydroponics
  • Rainwater collection 
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Mobile detailing / Pressure washing
  • General water storage

Length – 47.5 inches
Width – 39.5 inches
Height – 46 inches
Weight (empty) – 125 lbs. (estimate)
Weight (full of water) – 2,400 lbs. (estimate)

​​160 Gallon IBC tote

$145.00 each

This space conscious IBC tote is a rare find here; generally only sold in Europe, these are always in high demand. Great for several applications where a standard 275g. is just too large. (limited supply, contact for availability) 


Ideal choice for:

  • Emergency preparedness stationary water storage
  • Mobile Detailing / Pressure Washing


Length – 47.5 inches
Width – 31.5 inches
Height – 41 inches
Weight (empty) – 90 lbs. (estimate)
Weight (full of water) – 1,300 lbs. (estimate)

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