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Why Choose Us?

There are several choices in deciding who to purchase your containers from; price shopping may not always be the best way to choose. There are numerous people online selling items similar to ours for a much cheaper price than others for several reasons:

  • Legitimacy - They are not legitimate companies registered with the state of Florida; which means consumers have no real recourse if things go wrong.

  • Health Hazards - Others may claim they are selling Food Grade Safe items or containers that only contained food products when this is usually completely false - (Food Grade => Brand New ONLY). Others have often contained chemicals, and there is a serious danger in using them for any sort of water, food, rainwater collection or gardening. 

  • ​Tax Evasion - Not paying sales or income tax can save a person big money - however this means they are not contributing to the American Economy, and then can claim they have no income and receive federal aid costing the hard-working tax payers more money to support these people. They live for free while the rest of us pay their way. 

  • Quality - The quality of their items usually is not as they claim it to be; many of their items are left outside in the sun and elements for years causing deterioration in the plastic, which will severely reduce the lifetime of your product. Ours are kept inside a warehouse, out of the elements to preserve quality and lifetime of the products.

  • Warranty - Southern Container Corporation aims to keep consumers satisfied with their products. We're not here to get rich; but help recycle, reduce and reuse products that can be refurbished, and get them to consumers are a reduced price compared to new items. We will, within reason and in a given time frame, warranty most items; if they break or do not live up to their expected quality due to the containers problems, we will replace the item.

  • Wholesale Discounts - Although we are always happy to serve the individual consumers, we are largely a wholesale style company. With over 30,000 containers taken in each year, we have the volume to meet your bulk order needs. Although our individual item prices are slightly higher than with larger quantities, there are several reasons. We are happy to give discounts to those consumers and businesses who purchase large quantities since it works out best for both parties, unfortunately those prices cannot be given to those only looking for small quantities. However we frequently have sales, discounted items, and specials regularly running. 

  • Indirect Expenses​ - Consumers generally do not factor in the additional expenses we incur for the items we sell; in addition to cost of goods sold, we also have a large fuel expense to pick up and deliver the items, vehicle maintenance and repairs, $1,000,000 insurance policy, corporate state registration and annual dues, taxes, website design programs, warehouse storage and several others to consider when creating a suitable price for our items. There will always be someone out there willing to sell a product or provide a service for "less than the other guy", however, "You get what you pay for".

"The bitterness of poor quality will remain, long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten". - Benjamin Franklin. 

If you choose not to purchase from us, please be sure to conduct adequate research on your seller's items and ensure they are giving you truthful and accurate information on what they are selling you. Internet scammers and thieves are plentiful these days, as well as many other individuals who simply do not care about the well being of you and your family's health, only the money that can be made off of you.